Importance of diversification

Both the Alberta Education School in Abu Dhabi as well as the Canadian International School in Abu Dhabi need to figure out ways to keep students interested.

Being diverse in teaching: Schools need to realize that each student is different from one another. One could be extremely talented and the other could not be so talented but is hard working. To get the best out of students, it is imperative to understand their needs. For instance there are students who find comfort in attending classes where the teachers explain and students note them down. Then there are students who are probably slow learners making it impossible to memorize every word a teachers says in the class. For such students, teachers should write on the board for students to copy them down in their notebooks, at least in this manner students can elaborate on certain topics during tests and examinations.

Benefits of psychology classes: It is true that psychology classes enables students to approach life in different ways. Psychology allows students to gain a deeper understanding of how societies functions and getting to know changing trends within societies. The purpose of introducing psychology on part of the school is not just for students to gain knowledge in the world of psychology but can enable teachers to watch out for certain indicators. For instance a student is not comfortable in discussing about a certain topic in class it could indicate that the student is mentally disturbed and probably has abusive parents. Such individuals are taken care of by their psychology teacher who could refer them to licensed psychologists and psychiatrists.

Getting students mind off the books: A successful school is one that promotes flexibility between schooling and break hours. The reason being is that not everyone is talented in the world of books. It is not to imply that education should be phased out rather create a fair balance between school activities and extracurricular activities. There is always a chance that while a student is not talented in a particular subject but at  the same time is talented in a sport. It is imperative that schools should ensure they have various sporting activities in place ranging from cricket grounds, football grounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball courts and gyms. Later onwards when students starts maturing in life they can make their own decisions on their careers whether it is in the field of education or a sport.