Drawbacks of online shopping

Online shopping is getting increased day by day due to a lot of benefits that are associated with that and women are even trying to shop makeup online Dubai when they need any of the good shade of lipstick or when they need something which they are not getting in nearby stores. Along with a lot of benefits there are some of the drawbacks of online shopping too and you have to know about them too as you need to stay safe while getting your desired items. See here now to get to know about some of the drawbacks:

A main drawback is that there are a lot of chances of getting fraud and people will lose their money due to them and sometimes when they are trying to deal with the criminals then they will also get loss of bigger kind like they may hack your identity and then use that for criminal purposes or they will come to your house and looted you so you have to be careful while doing online shopping.

Another drawback is that you may face delay in your order delivery especially when you are buying something from another country and it may take more than a month to your parcel to reach at your address and it will be a very exhausting time period that you do not know when your parcel will arrive and sometimes you even forget that you have bought something. When you are buying from within the country then some of the store will be god enough to send you the order within 3 to 4 days but some will take a lot of time and you will get tired of waiting.

There is a drawback that you have to know about that you cannot return the product to the vendor when you do not like the product or when you mistakenly order a wrong size or shade. They will never return due to these reasons but if the product reaches to you in a damaged form then you can ask for the exchanges with proper proofs of that and for that you have to take some pictures of the product especially from the damaged area and them send them to the customer care center email and they will try to return product and refund you or exchange that.