Elevator safety tips to follow

We have all heard the horror stories of people getting injured and killed in elevator accidents. As if those weren’t enough, movies depict an extremely bizarre side of elevators which kills a room full of people once followed by flickering lights and bone chilling screams. Well, that is more fictional than fact which is why you need to first understand the facts in order to get through the fiction, such as the steel cables which elevators are supported with has enough strength to hold the cab in place. Here are some safety tips which makes sure you don’t ever reenact the scene from a horror movie.

  • Building owners and workers

One of the major accidents which we see reoccurring are the ones which happen during the work or construction process is the one with cargo lift suppliers where workers fall into the elevator shafts, getting caught between the platform and moving parts of the lift. As expected, these injuries or death occur due to lack of concentration and focus while maintaining or using the lift. What one can do to prevent this is:

  • Protective gear and adequate training must be necessary,
    • Cut out all the electrical circuits and lock out mechanical equipment when not in use or under repair,
    • Elevator sign should be mentioned and highly visible under construction.
  • Passengers
    • Keep an eye out for elevator’s arrival, stand a few steps away from the door,
    • Wait for passengers to exit and if there isn’t enough space, wait for the other one.
    • Consider taking stairs in case of disrupted electricity or servicing mode to avoid electrical fault.
    • When you leave the elevator, make sure you are keeping an eye out on your steps because the cab can sometimes be unleveled.
    • Never stop a closing door, it will crush you, simply wait or take stairs.
    • Stand close to the walls of elevator to avoid any mishap.
    • Always make sure you are aware of the elevator’s emergency button in times of need.
    • Don’t panic and stay calm when caught in a situation, emergency button will alarm the workers and they will come to your rescue.

These are the safety concerns which you must follow even in hydraulic platform lift because everything is risky but not when precautionary measures are taken.