Facts About The Dark Web

The deep web is usually called the dark web, it is a secretive and a dangerous place. No one can approach it easily, some people are fools enough to just type how to get to dark web and they search it on the internet. If it was so easy to approach then everyone would have been there by now and doing some vile and evil things. There are many facts about the dark web and one of many facts is that the deep web contains different web contents that are hidden. That is why it is called the dark web and if everything was not hidden then what was the point of it.

We may not understand but the dark web is the largest increasing category of information on the web. There are people who might be selling drugs and computer virus and even different cults are being made on different groups which are not traceable and the names of the people are also fake. The deep web has more than 600 million private documents of people even including video made by webcam which people hack from distant places. Even though the name is deep web or dark web, still if you wanted to access information of any sort, you can access it because that is the whole point of the web that it should be accessible for the public and that is what you can do. You can buy antivirus for MAC and different antivirus software packages.

70 percent of the dark web is famous due to the database that are filled with things that are not normal. Someone posted that they have also witnessed a live murder on the webcam on dark web sites. Even though in many countries bitcoin is banned but there are many people who said that Santoshi Nakamoto was the member of dark web and in the dark web you can only buy things and subscriptions only by digital money also known as the bitcoin. Some people say that darknet and dark web are the same thing but the fact is that both are different things. The internet we see is limited even though there are endless possibilities but it is said that the dark web is 500 times more accessible when it comes to searching anything. P.S you need to access TOR browser to access the dark web.