The Basics of Experiential Marketing

The Basics of Experiential Marketing

The marketing world today has developed greatly as businesses move beyond simple communication and compete for engagement. This is known as Experiential Marketing.

Experiential marketing does exactly what it says; creates an experience, because an experience is more likely to leave a positive impact and get a reaction then the basic communication that we are used to. Good experiential marketing is able to make a lasting impression and a lasting connection as well.

If you are looking for experiential marketing information whether out of curiosity or you want to know about how to find the best experiential agency in Dubai, below are just a few of the basic facts to keep in mind

  • Once, event sponsorships were considered to be the best kind of experiential marketing; however, today, brands want to build a relationship with their consumers by encouraging real engagement. Participation is therefore the key to a good strategy today.
  • Experiential Marketing strategies are aimed to achieve an emotional connection and the design depends on the exact type of emotion you want to achieve. Many companies would design pop ups to give insights into the helpful benefits of a product while others might be present at party venues throughout the UAE; with ‘live events’ experiential marketing making a powerful and lasting impact.
  • Marketers, with the help of social media, can now get better insights into what their customers want and need and take advantage of it. A great place to commence any kind of experiential marketing is to find out what your customers want.
  • Similar to any form of marketing, experiential marketing must be made measurable to determine real success. Whether a customer has requested for an email address that needs more information to be sent to or even customers to fill a form, once you have engaged your users and you have established an emotional connection they are far likely to pass over details and show interest in making a purchase. These details should then be effectively used so as to contact the potential customer and provide them with final urge in the right direction.

Today’s consumers are no longer happy with simple communication from brands, they want more and expect more from businesses they can now connect with. Whether its experiential marketing or use of artificial intelligence in Dubai, customers are smarter than ever and can connect to a multitude of similar businesses if yours isn’t attractive.