Importance of having a team of doctors within a hospital

Older individuals with weak knee joints cannot walk from one hospital to another. A good hospital is one that has a team of skilled knee pain doctors dealing in osteoarthritis treatments.

Osteoarthritis in details: Osteoarthritis is a common condition amongst aging individuals. This condition occurs when an injured or inflamed joint cause a breakdown of cartilage tissue. Cartilages are rubbery materials that covers the end of the bones in normal joints. The sole responsibility of the cartilage is to reduce friction in the joints. Basically it serves as a shock absorber, over time when the cartilages starts withering away, the friction between joints become louder. There are two kinds of osteoarthritis namely primary and secondary osteoarthritis. The former affects the fingers, thumbs, spine, hips and knees whereas the latter occur from joints being inflamed or injured.

Diagnosis for osteoarthritis: Doctors can get an X ray done although it is pertinent to mention that the cartilage does not appear on X ray images. One can detect the loss of cartilage in an X ray image by identifying the gaps between the bones of a joint. Another way to get more information on the patient’s osteoarthritis condition is to conduct an MRI. Before opting for an MRI straightaway the doctor needs to have a look at the patient’s medical history to see if the patient is fit to go for an MRI or not. It is widely known that elderly individuals who are equipped with cochlear implants due to being hard of hearing can by no means go for an MRI.

Complexity of secondary osteoarthritis: After evaluating the tests and examinations taken by the patient, should the knee doctor find that the knee has not been severely inflamed or injured, the knee doctor would suggest the patient to go for therapies. The reason for convincing the patient to go for physical therapies is that knee doctors want to keep away from the likes of Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) injections and surgeries. The fact that osteoarthritis of the knee can occur from many places within the joints, if the wrong area gets injected with PRP it could lead to undesirable results for the patient. To make sessions comfortable for elderly citizens, they should be equipped with braces and work with a well known physician/psychologist who would have the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the pain and work on it.