Male infertility treatments

A couple trying for a baby and not being able to conceive since a long time are always concerned about their health condition. It is essential for both individuals to be healthy and fertile in order to produce offspring and when this is not possible they generally consult treatments and specialists. If the couple faces male infertility problem then most of the time it is the low sperm count which needs to be checked and maintained. If this is the case then it is essential to go through male infertility treatment in Dubai.

When you first visit the doctor to seek treatment it is natural for some hesitation to occur but in order to reach to the root of the problem you must be candid about your condition with your physician because if both the parties aren’t open and honest then the discussion is not going to lead anywhere. Make sure that you have all your medical records with you but also share information because there can be bits and pieces that may not be mentioned in the file but can be essential for your treatment.

Your urologist is most likely to ask you about your routine and your active long terms sexual history in order to know and understand where the problem lie. In almost all of the cases, urologist will require your semen sample for which a test would be needed. Once the results are with you the real diagnosis will take place and it will be determined where the hormonal problem lies – if present. In other cases the problem may not be physical at all but a psychological one for which different kinds of treatment is needed. If your urologist misdiagnosis the problem then there is a high chance that other problems can be created.

Most of the treatments include medications and lifestyle changes but in some serious cases you will be needed to undergo surgeries which can take up some time to recover from. If the problem is sever then you may need more than medication and surgeries but the need for treating psychological problems will also be high. There are certain infertility issues where both emotional and physical treatment is needed and one cannot prove to be useful without the other. So make sure your doctor is experienced enough to diagnose it properly.

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