Food guide for those suffering from hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is the condition in which two of the thyroid hormones will lower down below the level of necessary amount. These two hormones are Triiodothyronin also called as T3 and the other one is the Thyroxin also called T4. You need to get the treatment from a good doctor but also you need to change your diet a bit which will help in getting back the normal level of these hormones. You can get vegan diet plan in Dubai in order to have normal level but this diet will also help in maintaining a good and healthy life style. Here is a guide which will help you to cope with your thyroid problems:

Foods to dodge: Here a few foods which you have to avoid until you will get back to your normal hormonal level and declared thyroid free from your doctor. Number one food in this list is SOY because there are studies which results that women who have soy in their daily routine will get more chances of having hypothyroidism in their life. It is because of an element present in the soy foods which will make it difficult for the enzymes to make thyroid hormones. Another food to avoid is the iodine containing, you need to avoid too much consumption of iodine containing food because huge amount will overpower the activity of thyroid glands. If you are already have this problem and taking medicine for that then you need to avoid extra iron and calcium in the form of supplements because they will reduce the effect of these medicines.

Foods to take: There are certain fruits and vegetables which you need to take and these are the foods which are high in antioxidants like tomatoes and bell peppers. You also need to take foods which have more Vitamin B in them like grains etc. there is an element that is called Selenium. You need to get the foods which are high in this element like sunflower seeds, you can take these seeds as a munching item or you can use sunflower seed oil in your daily routine or as salad dressing. You need to get a specific amino acid which is called tyrosine because it will help in producing T3 and T4 for the thyroid glands. You can get this through consuming meat, legumes and dairy products.