How to clean your swimming pool

There are several ways which can be used to make your pool clean and debris free. You can get this information from swimming pool contractors Dubai because they know all the details about maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your pool. You can get a pool by hiring a good swimming landscape design Dubai Company and then you can maintain it properly. Here are some tips to keep your pool safe and clean:

Skimmer boxes: These are some special kind of boxes that have to be installed at the sides of the pool and they will catch all the debris and wrappers which floats over the surface. They are very important in keeping your pool clean especially when you pool is near or under trees. In this situation these skimmer boxes will catch all the leaves and sticks that fall off the trees.

Skimmer pole: These poles act just like the skimmer boxes but the difference is that they will also collect the debris which sink down the water and does not appear on the surface. If these poles are not installed then this sunken debris will create a layer at the bottom of the pool making it difficult to stand there and also it will make the water dirty.

Filter: It is an important thing to get in to your pool because you have to filter your water when it stays in there for longer time. Skimmers will only catch the visible debris but these filters will eliminate all the invisible particles of dirt and dust too. Without these filters, your pool will become dirty every other day.

Water level: You have to maintain the water level in your pool because if it goes up than the safety limit then it will be dangerous for you and other people around you. You have to install the limit machine which will indicate in case the limit is crossed accidently and it will also help in maintaining the required water level.

Water pH: It is also very important to maintain the pH of your pool’s water because if the pH increased than a certain limit then it will be dangerous for the human skin. There are tools from which you will know about pH level of water. You can install a meter permanently to keep an eye on it or use the portable one.